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Painting Class



Early Explorer seeks to provide quality, loving care for all children, laying a foundation for lifelong learning. We recognize the importance of balanced growth and provide many opportunities for mental, physical and emotional growth through a wide variety of creative experiences. Children are encouraged to learn, grow and explore at their own speed, and to participate in activities that integrate their interests and strengths. We are happy that you have chosen to include us in your child’s life!




We believe that all children are capable and competent learners, have unique learning styles, and learn at their own pace. Children learn best when they are involved in meaningful, purposeful activities that allow them to safely interact with their environment. Our goals are to create an environment where children are valued for their individual strengths and gifts, and where growth and learning are interconnected.  Early Explorer staff is valued for their energy, knowledge and commitment to quality care.  Our staff enjoys working with children and creating spaces for caring relationships and learning to occur.  We value parents and families as advocates for their children and provide support for them in any way possible.  With children and their families, we enthusiastically promote a hands-on, play-based approach in our curriculum.  Together we realize that we are always learning and we value each moment of each day.

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